MuniSignalTM  Patent pending
Current Holding   Market Assumptions
Issue Date   Date
Maturity Date   Bid Price
Coupon (%)   Bid-YTC
First Call Date   Bid-YTM
Purchase Date   Bid-Ask Spread
Purchase Price   Interest Rate Volatility
  Offsetting Gain
After-Tax Analysis   Recommendation
Current Basis (1)
  Net Cashflow Benefit From Sale (a)
Sale Price (2)
  Tax Option (b)
Gain/Loss (3) = (2) - (1)
  Option Acquired with Reinvestment (c)
Tax Savings (4)
  Net Option Loss (b - c)
After-Tax Proceeds (5) = (2) + (4)
  MuniSignalTM Score* (a)/(b - c)
After-Tax Cashflow Yield
  *100% best. Not recommended below 90%
Hold Value (6)
Net Cashflow Benefit (7) = (5) - (6)
All Values in % par
Issue price assumed at or above par
Income tax rate: 40%
Harvest of Regret
After-Tax Portfolio Value: The Missing Tax Option
The Tax Option in Municipal Bonds
Optimal Tax Management of Municipal Bonds
Bond Analysis in Tax Denial
How to Take a Tax Loss and Then Profit from Obamacare
Kalotay Talk on Tax Management at 2015 Brandeis Muni Conference
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